How many times have you wondered: “What’s the Best Happy Hour Near Me?”.

Well… AppyHour has you covered!

AppyHour® Online, like it’s older sibling AppyHour® Mobile, is the fastest and most convenient way to discover food and drink specials + events near you! With an extensive and ever-changing list of happenings at local bars, restaurants, taverns, lounges and breweries, you’ll always be in the loop.

With the integration of AppyHour® Online, we’ve made it easier for consumers to find and filter what they’re looking for. From happy hour promotions and daily food/drink specials, to live music nights and game day watch parties. Now ALL accessible from your browser.

The combination of app AND browser tech makes AppyHour Inc.® the most effective channel for local establishments to reach the right consumers, with the right offers, at the right time.

What are the benefits of AppyHour® Online?

User Accessibility

This year, we noticed that a major portion of our website traffic was coming organically from our markets of operation. The team started analyzing the benefits of adding AppyHour® to the web and the decision was unanimous. Our product would now be accessible from the comfort of a computer or mobile browser. Users have an additional platform to find specials and events, and we eliminate any friction in value proposition. 

To better serve the needs of these actively-seeking patrons, we decided to build an online version of AppyHour® Mobile. In a surprisingly short turnaround, AppyHour® Online v1.0 was launched.

Amplified Exposure for Clients

With the increase in organic web traffic, we recognized a major opportunity for our current and new clients. The browser application would allow for amplified exposure and expanded consumer reach for bars and restaurants. The addition of AppyHour® Online allows establishments to reach and engage with our users on both mobile and web platforms. They can now create, launch, and manage campaigns on multiple channels. All this with the benefit of AppyHour’s vast userbase, which for establishments, is the ideal target audience. 

This tech alliance provides establishments with the most effective tool to amplify their exposure without having to lift a finger.

Actionable Data & Insights

The most beneficial aspect of AppyHour® Online is the additional data and insights generated from adding a web-based product. The combined data pipeline of AppyHour® Mobile and AppyHour® Online allow us to better understand our customers. Dive deep into the offers, specials, happy hours, pricing and establishment characteristics that consumers are actively seeking. These data points help us better serve our users while also empowering our clients with more robust data and insights. In turn, this intuition will help in activating brands, reaching target consumers, and driving more product sales.

How does the web app fit into your product ecosystem?

Pictured: AppyHour® Mobile
Pictured: AppyHour® Online

AppyHour® Mobile is the fastest and most convenient way for consumers to browse and find live food, drink and event specials happening at local bars and restaurants nearby. The mobile application has proven to be the best happy hour and promotional discovery tool on the market. By integrating AppyHour® Online, users can now discover the same live specials from the comfort of their preferred browser.

Pictured: AppyHour® for Business dashboard

Local bars and restaurants are at the very heart of our business model. Establishments on AppyHour® can create and schedule specials and events and immediately promote them across AppyHour® Mobile and AppyHour® Online. AppyHour® for Business is the easiest and most effective way for business operators to reach the right audience with the right offers at the right time.

Pictured: AppyHour® for Suppliers dashboard
Pictured: AppyHour® Brand Activation

Supplier brands are continuously competing for new points of distribution (PODs), brand awareness and consumer attention. From securing and promoting product features to game-day specials and market-wide product launches, AppyHour® is the best way for supplier brands to create, amplify and measure on-premise activation efforts, grow brand awareness with target consumers, drive product sales at client accounts and gather actionable insight that can be used across their sales and marketing teams.

We’re constantly improving our technology and capabilities for users, bars, restaurant and supplier brands.

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