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Frustrated with the noise, complexity, and cost of current marketing channels? We are too.

AppyHour® for Business empowers operators with targeted reach to high-intent consumers, with the right offers, at the right time driving butts into barstools when it matters most.


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Easily schedule, create and manage your specials, promotions and events to instantly reach consumers nearby, engage potential patrons, and drive new business. Once your profile is setup you can let AppyHour® do the work. 

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AppyHour® users are high-intent consumers ready to be reached in real-time. Our users are actively seeking local hot spots, promotions and specials, making them exactly who our bar and restaurant clients want to connect with.


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Our mobile app generates dozens of product and user data points through real-time tracking, user account profiles, and preference settings. AppyHour® for Business provides unmatched analytics that helps optimize your offers and guide business growth. 

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