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Brand Activation Manager

Drive butts to barstools and

lips to your glasses.

beer, wine, spirits brand activation

Activate with AppyHour® and grow your brand amongst target consumers, increase product adoption, and drive sales today.



With AppyHour® Brand Activation Manager, everyone wins.

Traditional marketing and brand activation outdated, arduous to manage, difficult to measure, and provides little benefit to on-premise clients and misses the target consumer.

AppyHour® is designed to activate brands across retail account networks and amongst target consumers benefitting suppliers, distributors, retail accounts, and consumers alike.

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Invite your accounts to join your AppyHour® Retail Business Network and launch market-wide activations that amplify activation investments, grow brand awareness, drive consumer engagement with your products, and stimulate on-premise sales. 

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Create engaging campaigns that instantly reach consumers at the point of decision-making with targeted geo-fencing, push-notifications, calls-to-action, and a real-time deal feed highlighting your activations and product features and driving sales across your account network 

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Give your sales and marketing teams a competitive edge with synthesized campaign insights including retail accounts, product features, consumer engagement, market trends, and depletion data that helps identify new opportunities to engage, serve and sell key clientele.

We Drive Lips to Glasses

Powering and amplifying activations from the world's leading brands to the small-batch brewers and distillers that are just entering the market.

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Get started with AppyHour® in any market that you have product placements within 14 days.

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