Our mission

Empower brands and bars and restaurant networks with a better way to reach the right consumers, with the right offers, at the right time.

Our Story

AppyHour® Inc. was formally incorporated in 2019 but the original idea began under informal and unusual circumstances.

While at the University of Iowa Neil earned a scholarship for an internship abroad program in Madrid, Spain. After his first week, he and his co-workers went out for beers and upon getting the check back, he nearly fainted. He was charged $8 per beer, more than $12 at the time! On the walk home he was aggressively grabbed by the arm, pulled into a restaurant, and shown a menu that had the same beers for ¼ the price he was paying down the street…

“There has to be a way for to find real-time food, drink and event specials nearby so I can extend my euros and enjoy the city… and there has to be a better way for these bar and restaurant operators to reach me with their offers at the point of decision-making.” — The “AHA” moment.

Upon returning to Iowa City, Neil teamed up with his long-time friend, Jake, to co-found the company and set out on a mission to empower local bar and restaurants with a better way to reach the right consumers, with the right offers, at the right time.

Our Evolution

After a successfully bootstrapped alpha launch, Neil landed a job at a top 5 national liquor distributor where he identified a massive problem plaguing beer, wine and spirits brands who were actively competing for distributor attention, squandering massive sums of money on inefficient marketing, and activating brands through outdated and immeasurable channels that provided no benefit to their bar and restaurant clientele.

With this new insight AppyHour® Inc. evolved into the industry’s first activation management system that benefits suppliers, on-premise clientele and consumers alike.



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