What is AppyHour?

Smart marketing and business management at your fingertips.

The AppyHour business platform empowers clients to better manage, understand, and grow their business from a single dashboard. We provide tools that engage customers, drive traffic, gather insight, and intelligently optimize offers and promotions to maximize performance and grow your business.

Every hour is AppyHour!

Mobile App - Features

  • The Deal Feed

    AppyHour's live deal feed gives you access to the best specials and events happening at your favorite local establishments. Check back throughout the day as the feed changes to never miss a great deal again!

  • Explore Bars & Restaurants Near You

    Search and filter the map of all your favorite nearby bars and restaurants to quickly compare deals and find a place that suits your budget and satisfies your appetite.

  • Detailed Establishment Profiles

    Click a deal or event to see the establishment's profile detailing offers and info about the bar or restaurant. Better yet - spread the love by sharing a special with your friends!

Mobile App - Features

  • The Deal Feed

  • The Best Events Near You

  • Save Your Favorite Establishments

  • Explore Bars & Restaurants Near You

  • Detailed Establishment Profiles

Value for Clients

Agile Marketing, Direct to Consumer

Easily schedule and create engaging specials, promotions, and events that reach consumers and drive traffic at the time of decision making.

Targeted Audience, Immediate Reach

Instantly notify nearby consumers of your new offers and promotions via push notifications and a real-time deal feed.

Business Intelligence, Consumer Insight

Capture real-time analytics to better understand what delights your customers, what offers and brands they care about, and how your promotions are affecting your business.

Smart Management, Optimized for Growth

Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to make hyper-informed, data-backed business decisions and marketing campaigns that drive traffic, please customers, and grow your bottom line.

Value for Users

Instant Access

Stay informed about current and upcoming food, drink, and event specials at nearby establishments.

Tailored Promotions

Receive in-app notifications about specials and promotions that you care about.

Extend Your Dollar

Seamlessly access budget-friendly offers and promotions to enjoy more and spend less.

Discover Local

Find the latest offers, discover new places, and support local businesses in your community.

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