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Best Happy Hours Tampa

Best Happy Hours in Tampa Bay, FL 2021

As things get back to normal, we finally can start going out and doing what we love best… finding the best happy hour locations! We’ve already made our list for the Best Happy Hours in Louisville, now it’s time for the Best Happy Hours in Tampa! It's easy to find and follow the amazing food, drink, event and happy hour specials at these locations on the AppyHour® Mobile app and AppyHour® Online! Download AppyHour on iOS or Android!   Tiki Docks Skyway Bar & Grill Picture by Franklin Development Corporation Tiki Docks Bar + Grill Skyway location is…


NoraeBar Karaoke Bar – Butchertown Business Highlight

Rooted in the Korean word noraebang ("song-room") and the English word bar comes the hottest karaoke bar in Louisville... NoraeBar! After traveling the world and visiting various karaoke bars, musician Zack Pennington became inspired. He wanted to share his passion for music and the South Korean staple, noraebang, with the Louisville community. NoraeBar was born.NoraeBar lives up to its Korean roots with providing customers the option to book their own private "song-rooms." Groups can reserve these rooms for their own personal karaoke party. For the more adventurous guests looking to put on a performance, they also…